Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan June 2016

Transportation and Agriculture Services completed a traffic safety assessment of the school zone at Woodbridge Farms Elementary School in June 2016.

In conjunction with school administrators, student transportation, Enforcement Services and the County engineering team, an updated traffic control plan has been developed for the school .

Several changes were made to traffic management in the school area. The biggest change was the creation of two student drop off areas, where parking will be prohibited. Additional parking restrictions are also being implemented to ensure the intersection of Woodbridge Way and Parker Drive remains clear for better pedestrian visibility and bus movement. Over the summer, Transportation and Agriculture Services changed the signage to ensure compliance and enforceability of the new management plan.

Anti-bullying Resources

These sites provide positive ways to help children deal with bullying behaviour.  They are sponsored by the Alberta government.

BULLYING HOTLINE 1-888-456-2323


Other cyber tips can be located at the sites below.  These are sponsored by Kids in the know: 


 BULLYING HOTLINE - 1-888-456-2323

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