EIPS Boundary Information

The Designated Schools Advantage

EIPS is pleased to provide quality educational programming in all schools throughout the division and ensures each child has a designated school based on his/her address of residence.  There are many benefits to using a designated schools model. The school system is better able to manage resources, including staffing, programs, technology, and transportation for the utmost benefit of all students.There is a better sense of community when the students who attend a school also live near one another.Transitions from elementary to junior high and then to senior high are more seamless for parents, children, and school staff.

Although we encourage students to attend their designated school whenever possible, we also understand families may have specific educational programming needs or requirements that prompt them to consider a different school. In these cases, EIPS requires the family to submit a Boundary Exemption request.

To find your Designated school, use the Versatrans e-Link toll on EIPS' website at http://www.eips.ca/schools/find-my-designated-school

Complete information about the boundary exemption process, as well as the Boundary Exemption Request, are available on the division website at www.eips.ca. To have your request considered for, parents/guardians/independent students must ensure the completed form is submitted to the designated school by March 11, 2012. The principals from both your designated school and requested school will review your request and respond with their decision by April 8, 2012.

If you have questions regarding changes to the boundary exemption process, please contact your school principal at 780‐464‐3330, EIPS'Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services, Bev Fleming at 780-417‐8227; or EIPS'Director of Communication Services, Tanya Orr at 780‐417‐8204.